Start with a basic 310 (10 ft. wide) or 312 (12 ft. wide) E-Z-Duz-It System and customize your system by adding gates and panels to meet your sorting, holding and pen size requirements.

All Corral Gates and Panels in the E-Z-Duz-It livestock handling system are constructed from 2″ x 14 gauge high tensile steel tubing with 50,000 P.S.I. yield strength. All gates mount on gate frames with 2″ standard pipe hinges. All gates feature spring-loaded plunger latches.

The unique E-Z-Duz-It system features the well designed “domino” gate-crowding concept which eliminates corners and provides the operator with a “safety” area when crowding livestock into the chute area. For a minimum investment, pen sizes can be easily enlarged at any given time.